What is Forex?


Hello, and Welcome to the Wonderful and Immensely Profitable world of Online Forex Trading. You might have heard someone introduce themselves with the Prestigious title of ‘I am a Forex Trader’, or you might have seen one of your friends rake in tonnes of cash over a short period of time after starting to ‘Trade Forex Online’. “How can I Trade Forex, too?” You must have asked. Don’t worry, I will show you how 🙂

Before I do, however, I need to define what exactly is ‘Forex Trading’.

To Trade Forex Online, you will be buying currencies and selling them back at a profit when the price rises or falls. In Forex, you make money both ways. Forex is just short for FOReign Exchange.

Basically, in a more stepwise explanation, you will;
1. Click HERE to Open a FREE Brokers account. You need a Brokers account to be able to trade forex and it is just a click away and it is FREE!!
2. In your Brokers account you will open a DEMO account and Download the FREE software known as MT4. You are using a DEMO account because you should practice first before you risk REAL money in a REAL account.
3. Using the Free Software called MT4, you will identify currencies whose prices are either going up or down and either BUY or SELL to turn a profit at the end of the trade duration.

How successful you end up becoming as a forex trader will depend on a couple of things. First of all you will need an EXCELLENT trading strategy. You cannot just blindly plunge into the Market and expect to make money. Please click HERE to check out the Profitable Trading Strategy that I personally use to trade.

You might also need a few classes before you are comfortable enough to open a REAL account and do REAL trading. I offer the best priced one-on-one forex classes in the country and you can read more about my classes by clicking HERE. I also have a set of very extensive and most useful DvDs which you can purchase and watch at home by clicking HERE.

Feel Stuck? Need further assistance/information? No worries! Please do not hesitate to call me on +254736600868. You can also pop a comment at the bottom of this page and I will respond quickly immediately it shows up on my dashboard.

Finally, I would like to request that you download my FREE ‘Getting Started’ Ebook in which I have packed a lot of ‘Beginner Friendly’ Forex information. I am sure you will find it most helpful and you can download it right now by clicking HERE.

Thank you for making friends with theforexguyKE. I am most humbled that you have read this entire article and may you have many many happy and prosperous trades. Thanks again.


  1. Long ago, it was as much as 1000USD. Today, you can open an Online Forex Brokers account with as little as $25. I, however, recommend that you not trade with anything less than $100 for you to turn a profit. Thank you. theforexguyKE

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  3. I see you’ve stated that as low as $6 you start trading online. Now if you stake that low amount how much would you expect get in return sir?

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