The Alpha and Omega Forex Trading System


The Best and Arguably Most Profitable Forex Trading System in the land is now available to all visitors of this website ABSOLUTELY FREE!! It will not cost you a dime to acquire and you can download your copy immediately by clicking the download button at the bottom of this page 🙂

The Fully Packed Trading System that is both Beginner Friendly and Advanced User Scalable has all the features listed below and comes with a comprehensive manual that explains and assists the user make money with it.

Features of the Alpha and Omega Trading System include:


  • Easy to install on mt4
  • Easy to learn
  • Works on the 15 minute chart giving you regular and numerous trade opportunities per day on popular pairs.
  • Draws an arrow in the screen to show you it’s time to enter a trade.
  • Arrow points up for buy and down for sell.
  • You can add audio alerts so you do not have to sit in front of the computer the whole day looking at graphs.
  • Automatically sets stop loss and take profit levels so you do not have to calculate anything manually.

Plus many more!!


My preferred trading system to date. You will need a calculator, pen and paper to trade with this system and you will not get trading opportunities everyday like with the Alpha system, but when you do, do not be alarmed if you consistently win between 80 and 300 pips per trade!

This system trades on the 4 hour chart and relies on Support and Resistance levels (S&R trading).

How can I afford to give away the Alpha and Omega Trading System for FREE you ask? Well, here’s the deal. Click on the Image Below for more Details!!




Please click on the button below to proceed to the FREE Download of the Alpha and Omega Forex Trading System.



  1. I made a couple of Updates on the Alpha System. We are now in Version 1.01 If you have version 1.00, please contact me for a free update. Thank you.

  2. Sir,
    I did joined Alpha-Omega S.E.Tradining System on July 3,2020 through JVZOO # AP-1JOB135998VF456411W paid $39n and I never got downlaod link..Branko Kiric,


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