How NOT to Trade


Forex Trading is Dangerously Addictive. You only need to read “Reminiscence of a Stock Operator” by Edwin LeFevre to see how powerful this addiction is. Once you find your footing and learn how to make money by simply looking at charts, you get completely taken over by the markets and you consistently and incessantly – day and night – think about pips and charts. You sleep forex, you eat forex and you wake up in the middle of the night determined to make ‘just a couple of dollars’ before going back to bed.

World over, Forex traders are known to be disheveled, sleep deprived, shaggy and unkempt fellows. They drive expensive cars and own huge mansions, but at a personal level they seem to never have time for anything else apart from trading. They would much rather have a laptop next to their deathbeds than be surrounded by their loving family – assuming they ever made time to have one. Is this the life you want to live? Is this your dream-come-true? I don’t think so.

When I’m done with a FULL FOREX CLASS (Click HERE to book your class) with my students, the last thing I teach them is how NOT to trade. It will be very sad to have made all that money and never had the time to enjoy it. It will be devastating to lose your wife and kids because you never paid attention to them but spent all your waking hours glued to Forex charts and trade setups. I do not know how you will feel to know that you are about to die but you have no friends to cheer you up in your last hours because you never made time to make new and genuine friends.

So if we are meeting this week for your Forex lessons, expect me to finish our course by teaching you how to switch off your computer at the end of the day and join your family for delicious supper. Expect me to advise you to block out one or two days every week to be used exclusively as family and friends time. Be sure that I will tell you to withdraw your Forex profits every once in a while and take your people upcountry or to the coast for a relaxing weekend.

Because Forex is not all about making money, but also about how the money you made helped you become a better person/mum/dad/friend/relative.

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