Save 10,000/= For Combined Forex and Binary Class!

This might be the only Double Lesson that you will thoroughly enjoy and immensely profit from with enough savings to buy yourself a nice coat or expensive pair of shoes at the end of it all!

Many of my Forex Students have been coming back for Binary Option Classes and based on the advice of some of them, I am now offering a Full Forex PLUS Binary class to run for 5 Days instead of the 3 for forex and 3 for Binary. Full Forex classes are Kshs35,000/= (HERE) and Full Binary classes are Kshs25,000/= (HERE) so this combined package of Kshs50,000/= will save you a massive Kshs10,000/= New shoes anyone?

This class combines the Benefits of all two classes so you will receive everything offered in the Full Forex Class (HERE) and everything offered in the Full Binary Class (HERE) including DvDs, Theory Discs, Binary Strategies and Account Assistance!

For any inquires or to book your class immediately, simply call me on +254736600868.

As always, I wish you happy and prosperous trading.

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