Karibu Chai :-)


Over the months training new forex enthusiasts and polishing up the skills of seasoned traders, I have realised that it is not everyone who needs a full forex class worth Kshs35,000/=

Some people just want to brush up on a few aspects of forex that have been puzzling them, some just want to meet theforexguyKE and have a chat before they commit to a full forex class, while others just want to come and ask the age-old question, “Is forex trading for me?”

Good news people! You do not have to pay the normal Kshs10,000/= per hour consultation fee if you want to meet me in person and have a chat. I am available 7 days a week with prior booking and I consult for only Kshs5,000 for THREE hours.

So please feel free! Give me a call on +254736600868 and let’s do coffee – I’m buying 🙂

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