Binary Options: The Best ‘Side-Hustle’ for a Forex Trader!

Forex traders spend a lot of time waiting. We are waiting for setups, we are waiting for breakouts, we are waiting for formations, we are a waiting for price to endlessly bounce off a support region and, if you are like me, we are waiting for an MT4 alarm to go off signaling that the price has touched a particular trendline that we were monitoring.

So, is there a (money making) pastime that a forex trader can engage in to kill time as he waits for the breakout/trend/news? Yep, Trading Binary Options!

Some people will tell you that Binary Options is gambling, it is a Casino, you will lose money etc etc But that is why we have due diligence and the ability to pick regulated demo accounts from regulated Binary providers. Test your strategy on Regulated Demo with paper money for free before you use real money to trade.

Which brings me to my second point. If you blindly trade binaries based on your gut feeling or a poor strategy, then yes, you are simply gambling and you are in for massive losses. YOU NEED A CONCRETE STRATEGY and Forex Traders are the masters of strategy. Come to think of it, as forex traders we ALWAYS know that the price is going UP/DOWN and for us it is usually a question of HOW HIGH UP/DOWN…

Ordinary Binary Traders hate MT4 charts. They do not understand them nor do they wish to waste time trying to learn. AND THIS is where forex traders get the edge – We LOVE Charts and we spend hours on end being fascinated by them. So it goes without saying that if you are a Forex trader who dabbles in Binary, you will, quite literally, make a killing.

PS: 1. Binary Option Brokers will monitor how good you are. If you are continuously making profits due to your forex strategy in Binary, you will notice that your payout will slowly decrease from 86% to 70% to 50% to sometimes 40% if you are getting really good. But hey, 40% of 10USD is 4USD so if you are making that every 20 minutes you are still good 🙂

2. REMEMBER: Forex is the job, Binary is the Side-Hustle. Depending on how good you get, Binary will pay your bills and buy you good lunch, but it is Forex that will buy you a house and a car so keep your priorities right. This is not to say that we do not have full time Binary Traders. We do, but not as many as full time Forex Traders.


It will only cost you Kshs 25,000/= and for that amount you will get:

  1. 3 Days FULL Classes in the CBD on Binaries Trading. Free WiFi in the Classrooms.
  2. Introductory DvD from a Profitable Full-Time Binary Trader – With Profit Statements.
  3. FREE Binary Demo account for Practice trading until you have mastered the skill.
  4. FREE Effective Binary Strategy Based in Forex with High returns.
  5. Bonus FREE Ebook for Top Binary Advice.

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I wish you happy and Profitable Trading 🙂

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