Learn Forex wherever you are from only Ksh1,200/-

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance…

Everyday I get guys who call me and ask, “Yo! How much are forex classes?” and I tell them, “KES10,000/- only.” They then proceed to rant and rave and say, “You know you forex people earn money from training and not trading” etc etc to which I reply with a simple, “Ok.”

So the guy goes, gets a simple free tutorial online, does it in under 30 minutes then proceeds to fund his account with KES100,000/- and begins to trade. A couple of hours later, BOOM! His entire amount is gone.

So he calls me again and asks, “Yo! How much are forex classes?” and I tell him, “KES20,000/- only.” “WHAT!? But last time I called you they were 10k!””Well, yes, but that was 2 years ago and the more experienced and established I become as a trainer the more expensive my services become.”

Cue verbal tantrums and he hangs up in a huff and he claims that all forex people are cons. He abandons forex for about a year all the while bad mouthing traders, but everytime he goes online he can see Kenyans making bank trading currencies.

Not one to be defeated so easily, he gets into a deal with an ‘expert’ who sells him several ‘sure’ ebooks worth KES300/- each and just like before, he reads, applies once, funds his account with another KES100,000/- and BOOM. All gone!

“Yo! How much are forex classes?”
“KES35,000/- only”
“Where is the venue?”
“Town. Cbd.”
“What do I need?”
“Your laptop and a notebook and pen.”
“How do I pay?”
“To my Till number.”

Ting ting! MC8HBNV830 Confirmed. You have received 35,000/- from….

We then proceed to meet in Town for a one week class which is punctuated with very many, “Aaaaaah, so that is what I was doing wrong!” and “Ooooooh, why didn’t anybody tell me that?”

Hello. I am theforexguyKE and I have been training forex traders for 5 years now (check the age of this website or the age of my facebook page to confirm and read my reviews) and trading forex myself for a couple of years more. At the bottom of this page there is a button written ‘DOWNLOAD NOW!!’ from where you can download an android app that will offer you all my forex lessons. There are 10 lessons and each lesson is only KES1,200/- so the total amount for the entire course via app is KES12,000/- only. These are the exact same lessons that I offer one-on-one for 3 days at KES35,000/- HERE.

8 months ago these lessons were going for KES600/- each. Now they are going for KES1,200/- each. 6 months from now maybe they will be going for KES3,000/- each for a total of KES30,000/- for the entire course. If you think this is expensive then please go ahead and fund your forex account with 100k to half a million then proceed to attempt to trade forex blindly. You will never forget me…

Download the app below and if you need any further information/assistance please feel free to call/text me on +254736600868. And Oh, guess what? The first lesson is ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

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