3 Best Times to Trade Forex in Kenya


You have clicked HERE and opened a free Brokers account with a Forex Trading Demo. You have clicked HERE and Downloaded the Alpha and Omega Forex Trading System and installed it on your MT4. You are now all set to start practicing on your Demo account and honing your newly found money making skills although you are now confounded with the all important question if WHAT IS THE BEST TIME TO TRADE FOREX in Kenya?

Over time, I have developed my own program and preferences and you can either copy my time-table or develop your own best trading times based on your own particular Daily Schedule and Commitments. Here is my 3 best times to trade;

The London market opens at 10am Kenyan time and closes at 8pm. The New York market opens at 4pm Kenyan time and closes at 1am. The Tokyo market opens at 3am at night and goes all the way to noon, creating a nice overlap with the London market (REFER HERE AND ADD +3 FOR KENYA). I have never been too keen on the Sidney market because the London, US and Tokyo markets are the biggest movers of Forex, in that order.


1. My first best time to trade is MONDAY 10am in the morning. This normally tends to be a very volatile time with traders yearning for some action after resting on Sunday and all the news that broke during the weekend gets the market rallying at this particular time. Ride on all the volatile waves using either the Alpha or the Omega Forex trading system (Click HERE) till 1am and make good money here.

2. My second best time to trade is 4pm, as the New York market opens. This normally re-energizes the London market and you will notice lovely trade setups around this time.

3. My final best time to trade is 6pm to 8pm. In fact, my best profits have been earned around this time so if you have a day job and you trade Forex part-time, take full advantage of this golden hour. What makes this time special is the fact that the London market is closing and we have an overlap of the two biggest markets i.e London and New York, so big volumes keep moving here so that big traders can close the day and you can ride some profitable waves here and end your day with a Bang.

As for DAY, my best days for trading are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday but constantly be on the lookout for trade setups because if financial news breaks on a Monday and you are not around to gain, you will only have yourself to blame.

Do you have a different trade schedule? Share your money making timetable with the rest of us and we will time your pips and see how profitable they are πŸ™‚

Thank you, and I wish you Happy and Prosperous Trading.